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Another Day in Ashland


We got up earlyish this morning and decided to head over to the Morning Glory Restaurant for breakfast. The place has great reviews on Yelp and it did not disappoint. Breakfast was great, and just the fuel we needed for another bike ride.

Today we drove up to Central Point (just North of Medford) and rode the other part of the Bear Creek Greenway trail that we didn't cover yesterday (to South Medford and back, about 15 miles round trip). This part of the trail is not quite as nice as yesterday's part of the trail. Some parts are pretty and it still runs along Bear Creek, but most of it is quite close to I-5 (noisy) and there were quite a few transients campers, camping where they likely shouldn't be. No big deal, and still great to have the path at all, but you get the picture…probably  just because it's closer to Medford (bigger city).

The weather today is fabulous!


It was a little cloudy this morning, but by midday the sky was mostly clear and it was in the low 70s. After the ride we stopped in town at Mix Sweet Shop for a cappuccino and a macaroon, then came back to camp and Kevin moved a pork shoulder we had brining out of the brine and onto the smoker. Then we went on another smaller ride around part of the lake, and I stayed back to do some work while Kevin extended his ride a bit.


The dinner we put together last night turned out so good! Kevin grilled some halibut (with a little lemon and pepper and butter), and I made an asparagus salad with prosciutto and a truffle viniagrette that was delicious. (Peeled then blanched the asparagus, then cut stalks into "short thick matchstick" sized pieces and tossed them in a viniagrette of olive oil, truffle oil, white balsamic, pepper, and some truffle salt, topped with small pieces of prosciutto.) The salad and the fish went perfectly together (and nicely with the Sauvignon Blanc we picked up at the Dana Campbell winery yesterday). Tonight's dinner will be pulled pork with Carolina sauce, and some fresh organic green beans I picked up at the market yesterday.

We'll head back to Bike Friday in Eugene tomorrow to have a few tweaks done on the bikes before going back to Portland for a few weeks.