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WT S’mores

We've been experimenting with s'mores. A couple weeks ago we picked up some gourmet s'mores from The S'more Bakery on Etsy, and also some gourmet marshmallows from Wondermade (including both Guiness and bourbon marshmallows). The gourmet marshmallows all taste delicious, but are useless for proper roasting. They go from fine to a sticky puddle in seconds. Good ol' Jet Puffed are the best for roasting, for sure (yay, chemicals!).

We've tried using Rolos inside marshmallows (yum, but messy) and then we tried putting the Rolo on a graham cracker and putting the roasted marshmallow right on top to slightly melt the Rolo before eating (that works pretty well). We thought adding salt to the equation would be good, so last night we tried Saltines, for what we ended up calling The Full White Trash S'mores Experience: Saltines, Rolos, and Jet Puffed Marshmallows. 🙂


Pretty good, but needs a bit more salty to go with the super sweet sweetness of a marshmallow AND a Rolo.

What are your favorite s'mores (besides the classic version…which we also did last night too)?

Hope you all had a happy 4th of July!