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Stainless Steel Suction Cups


A while back I wrote about putting some of those little Command hooks by the front door for sunglasses (at the bottom of this post). They were fine, but then I found these at Storables: Forma Suction Razor Cups! I bought two at first for our toothbrushes, but after using them for a couple days I went back and got four more!

They're designed to hold a razor and/or toothbrush, but they're perfect by the front door for sunglasses. (I might line those with some felt, even.)

I put three there by the door, and three in the bathroom for toothbrushes and toothpaste:


So far so good on the suction cups staying put while traveling, too. We have another Forma suction thing: this clock, and it hasn't come off once after a few months on the wall over the kitchen counter.


  1. Tincanpuller Tincanpuller

    Sounds good. I wonder how hard they are to actually remove? 8^)

  2. They’re super easy to remove…you just stick a fingernail underneath an edge and they come right off. (I know this because I had to do it about 50 times to get them all lined up perfectly). 🙂

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