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New Spot at Champoeg State Park


Well, we're here. We had a major hitch problem just as we were pulling out of Skamokawa, but we were able to MacGyver a fix that let us get to our next spot (whew!) and there are now parts on their way to us. Will break down the hitch issue in another post. Ah, the RV life.


It's 92 degrees Farenheit outside (7:02pm) and we're inside the Airstream right now in the AC (good to run it once in awhile anyway, we say) sipping a cold beer (getting less cold by the second though) and finishing up some work before we crack the fresh cooked crab we picked up yesterday in Ilwaco for dinner (will serve with a salad…no cooking tonight).

We went out to do a couple errands a bit ago and ended up stopping at the cute little historic Butteville store to get some marshmallows for roasting tonight (although it's a bit difficult to think about sitting in front of a fire right now, because it's So. Dang. Hot.)

Anyway. Here's the cute little historic Butteville Store:


How historic is it? 1863! That's how historic. 🙂

We got some marshmallows (non Jet Puffed brand –  one strike against the cute little historic Butteville store) but we also got a teeny little container of salted caramel ice cream (one gold star FOR the cute little historic Butteville store) so we're set on dessert for a few days I think.

This is the inside of the store:



They've got some necessities, a few grocery items, ice cream, wine…they make great sandwiches, and it's just generally a cute spot to stop and check out if you're in the area.