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Leaving Skamokawa


Last night after dinner (clams!!) we went for a walk down on the beach. It's not a very long beach when the tide is high, so last night's walk was a little short. When we came back to the Airstream it had gotten dark enough for all the solar lights to come on so I snapped a few twilight photos with my iPhone.


I'm glad this area of the campground is dry camping. It's so beautiful and uncrowded. The rest of the campground is nice too, but over there you can't see the ships from your office like we can here.

We're leaving this morning and heading to Champoeg for the week.


  1. Oh and that’s not really where we hang those solar lanterns when they’re on (below the level of the window, where no one except the neighbors can see ’em)…I’m just charging them up! 🙂

  2. Leigh Leigh

    I totally don’t remember free wifi there. Awesome!!

    • I think it’s new since you were last here, but it’s great! We’re getting 6Mbps! 🙂

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