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South Beach to Makah Bay, Olympic Peninsula

Today we headed up to Makah Bay where we're staying at the Hobuck Beach Resort. It's fine. It's nowhere near as cool as our last spot was at South Beach (that was a tough act to follow, for sure.) We did see about a dozen or so bald eagles on our drive though: bonus!

This is looking toward Cape Flattery:


And this is toward the South:


It's been rainy most of the day, but we have work to do anyway so it's not too much of a bust. After we left South Beach this morning we stopped at Ruby Beach to explore a bit. Ruby Beach is the northernmost of the southern beaches in the coastal section of Olympic National Park, and it's gorgeous.








We stopped at the Thriftway in Forks, WA for some groceries and then headed North to Clallam Bay and then West out toward Cape Flattery, through Neah Bay where we cut across below the Cape to Makah Bay. We're on the Makah Indian Reservation now.


Neah Bay marina:


As a tourist to this area, it's interesting to drive through and see tons of signs (obviously hand made by kids as part of an awareness campaign) that say basically: Don't Do Drugs, Don't Drive Drunk, Don't Fry Your Brain, Keep Your Babies Healthy (and many other variations on those messages) — makes you really aware there's a problem, and it's a bit depressing. It's beautiful here, and I'm glad we came to this furthest corner of the Continental US, but I kinda wish we were just passing through. Maybe the sun tomorrow (and a walk out to the Cape) will help. 🙂

p.s. Oh yeah, forgot to do cell report: No service on AT&T at all. We're using Verizon data which works great, so Verizon phone is probably a "go" as well. Haven't checked Sprint because, well, because Sprint almost never has coverage. It looks like they have Wi-Fi here, but so far I can't get anywhere with it.