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Hobuck Beach

It stopped raining for about five minutes so we went for a walk on the beach. Glad we brought the GoreTex. Here's our spot at the Hobuck Beach campground:


When we first got here, there was just the older Airstream there next to us, a small small generic trailer, a newish fifth wheel, and a super sketch motor home with a bunch of junk outside and torn curtains. It made me have second thoughts about staying here, but since then maybe 4 more newer trailers and motor homes arrived and now the place doesn't feel nearly as sad. It's amazing what the clientele will do for a place's image!

The beach is prettty but it was mostly raining so I didn't take many photos. Here's what I got before it started raining:

Kelp family portrait:


More kelp…there are PILES of it all over the beach:


Okay and we probably saw fifty or so WHOLE sand dollars on our short walk. This is DEFINITELY not like the beaches in California. 🙂

I love the perfect little star in the middle of this one:




I'm roasting tomatoes now and I'm going to make some roasted tomato and garlic soup for dinner, along with a couple of duck legs confit (I brought them, frozen…don't worry…I'm not making my own duck confit in the Airstream tonight) and a salad. Nice warm meal for a cold rainy night. We finally have gotten on campground Wi-Fi, so we may watch the second episode of Orphan Black. The first one we watched last night was quite good!