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I Know, We’re Boring When We’re Home

We've been super busy since we got home (the one not on wheels) just before the holidays. We had a houseful of people until a week or so ago, and now business is crankin! 

I just spent a few days revamping my photography portfolio site in case anyone is interested and wants to see what I've been working on.

Laura Domela Photography

There's a blog attached to it now too, which I'm going to make a good effort to update fairly often.

Feel free to comment or let me know if you find anything amiss. I'm still working on it!

We're planning another road trip to Southern California in late February or early March after we finish up a whole lot of photo shoots in the studio and a bunch of business travel. (Kevin's going to Singapore!)

Can't wait to be back on the road!


  1. Laura, very nice photo website! Love the photo of you as a cutie little girl. You all are not “boring” when you are home. There is life outside of Airstream blogging!! Hope he has a great trip to Singapore. Sounds exciting. Happy weekend!!

  2. Thanks Anna!

    No, we’re not boring at all when we’re home, but the blog can sometimes be. 🙂
    Happy weekend back to you!


  3. johnny Marks johnny Marks

    This is the life for me. My wife ..not so much. That makes it problematic, however, for what it’s worth…this is how I’d like to go. How do you get your mail? No doubt, the Air Stream is computer, TV,etc ready? Wow! Enjoy..stay well. J.

  4. Hi Jonny:
    Yes, luckily we both love it. (Maybe if your wife sees how lovely these are inside she might reconsider?) 🙂
    We have our mail held at the post office while we’re gone and one of our employees picks it up weekly and sends us anything important. It’s a bit of a pain, actually. Most of our bills and stuff is done online so we try to eliminate the need for snail mail as much as we can. There are some services that will help full time RVrs with this issue though.
    We have computers, tv, internet, etc, (we have to be connected to keep our business running from the road).

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