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Yellowstone Art Museum, Downtown Billings

We went into town yesterday to do some laundry at the Speedy Wash laundromat. So. Exciting. We waited while our stuff finished the wash cycle, then while things dried we headed around the corner to check out the Yellowstone Art Museum.


This is a relatively small museum (it is Billings, after all) but they've got a good collection of contemporary art. We were pleasantly surprised. 

One of the exhibitions up now is a show entitled: Herb & Dorothy: Fifty Works for Fifty States. Herb and Dorothy Vogel were unlikely art collectors, and if you don't know about them and if you like quirky documentaries, you should check out this fabulous little film

Late afternoon cityscape I took with my iPhone through the shade screens upstairs in the museum:


We found an Art-O-Mat downstairs in the lobby and got ourselves some $5 art.


We chose a package from our friends at Boxfotos: inside was a print, a pinhole camera (the box), and instructions, woohoo!


We decided we'd stop at a liquor store to replenish our supply of Blanton's and I'd seen this place with all its neon on our way past the other day:


We stopped, but turned out it's not a liquor store…it's a bar and grill. Oh well.