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We’re in Rapid City, South Dakota


We'll be staying put here for the next couple days…some work, some exploring of the Black Hills, and some giving of thanks. For our Thanksgiving dinner we're planning a nice menu: a duck (smoked on the Traeger), sauteed green beans, savory bread pudding with italian sausage and mushrooms, and pumpkin flan for dessert. (If it all comes out good, we plan to make the same menu as a belated Thanksgiving dinner with my mom once we're home. Hi Mom!) After Thanksgiving, we'll head more west.

We're watching the weather (since we'll be traveling in South Dakota, Montana, and Idaho in November/December…smart!) and right now the weather sucks the most at home in the Pacific Northwest. It's gorgeous and sunny and clear everywhere we're going to be for the next week or so. There might be a little snow over the weekend so we'll make sure we're in a nice spot and not driving if that's gonna happen. It's pretty crazy that just about a month ago we were in the Florida Keys and it was in the 90s.