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The Capital of Kentucky: Frankfort


Last night we drove into Frankfort to see the older historic area and to grab some early dinner. We were originally going to go to this place below — Rick's White Light Diner. Online it looked like it was open today until 5pm, but it was closed when we got there…apparently there are new hours and those hours don't include Monday at all anymore. Oh well, nevermind then.


We ended up at a Mexican place on the other side of the river called La Fiesta Grande and it was really good. We wandered around town a bit and I took a few photos of some of the architecture and surrounds:


Some nice details on these old (mostly empty) buildings:



This is the old capital building (just as the sun came out from behind the clouds) — the new capital building is the one in the first shot, above:



We are still loving our campsite, even though we have basically no cell service at all. I hear (from the service secretary at the Ford dealership) that if we walk up to where the main office is we can get a couple bars. 

It's been pretty chilly in the mornings here (28 degrees Farenheit this morning) but has been warming up nicely by midday (mid 60s). 

Here are a couple photos of the river this morning before the fog lifted: