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More Horses, Versailles, and a Sad Sad Spartan

Today was the day to drive around and look at horses and horse stuff. First, I went back over to the gift shop at Buffalo Trace to get a couple of bottle stoppers (like the one in yesterday's post) for my mom. Then, I called to see if I could get a tour of Three Chimneys stallion farm in Versailles but they are not doing tours during the breeding stock sale that's going on right now over at Keeneland Race Course. Here's some info about their stallions and stallion fees. They did tell me I could go over to Keeneland and the sale was open to the public, so I did.


Keeneland is a gorgeous facility. I wandered around a bit and watched the foals and fillies as they were walked and shown (Three Chimneys, below):


Denali Stud showing some of their horses:


The area around here is so beautiful. I drove around for quite a while just enjoying the landscape:





I drove into the town of Midway and checked out the historic downtown area. (Midway was the first town in Kentucky founded by a railroad, and there's a bunch more history here.)


The railroad tracks go right down the middle of the main street so one side of the street is on one side of the tracks, the other side is…um…on the other side of the tracks. Anyway, it's quaint.


I decided to stop and get a bite to eat here at Wallace Station. Cute place, food just okay, but convenient, since it was right there when I got hungry.


Next I headed toward Versailles (pronounced: Versayles…my GPS got it right).

Versailles was founded on June 23, 1792, on 80 acres of land owned by Hezekiah Briscoe, at the time only a child. His guardian, Major Marquis Calmes, named the town after Versailles, France, in honor of General Lafayette, a family friend. The city was officially incorporated on February 13, 1837. It was briefly occupied during the American Civil War by both Confederate and Union forces. (Source)

I wandered up and down the main street and took a few photos.





A yarn-bombed telephone pole:


Little gold horsie in the window:


I stopped and went in this store because of some cool jewelry in the window (still want that necklace) and it was a great little shop with some unique things. 5 Seasons on Main Street in Versailles. Stop in if you're in the area and check it out.


I left with a pair of really cute one-of-a-kind wrist/hand warmers (like long fingerless gloves with thumb holes). I can't seem to get a decent photo of them tonight, so I'll give it a shot tomorrow. 


I headed home and saw this poor old Spartan on my way out. Awwww, needs a little lovin' don't you think?