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Lead and Deadwood, South Dakota

We drove over to the towns of Deadwood and Lead today (with a quick whip through Sturgis, but no bikes, so…yawn). We had lunch at a biker bar in Lead (pronounced like in "You can't lead a horse to water") called Lewie's Saloon & Eatery.


Here's the inside:


We had burgers and they were great, but I don't recommend the side salad…it's clearly not their core competence…came in a little cardboard "dish" with a little one-serving packet of blue cheese dressing. I should have known, really. But the burger: fabulous.

Then we did a little exploring around Deadwood. 



And the obligatory trek (to walk off that burger) up to the Mount Moriah Cemetery to Wild Bill Hikock's grave. Calamity Jane is buried next to him up there as well.



People still put little bits of things on his grave: playing cards, flowers, beads, what looked like a joint or a hand-rolled cigarette, and this eensy little red cowboy hat:


This is a photo I took this morning looking back down at Deadwood from the edge of the cemetery:


And THIS is the photo I took from the same spot a few years ago when I came through during Spring:


Looks way better with a dusting of snow, in my opinion.

Now we're back at the Airstream finishing up some work and I'm going to make the pumpkin flan for tomorrow's Thanksgiving dinner. (I'll document and put the recipe here on the blog later on if it turns out good…for those of you who like that sort of thing). 🙂