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Apalachicola Bay

We took our lunch break today and drove down to Apalachicola for some more local oysters. (You'll also learn, if you click that link, that the 2012 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Issue was shot in Apalachicola.)


Anyway, we went to Boss Oyster for our lunch and sat out on the deck and it was wonderful.




The view was great, and so were the oysters. We had some raw on the half shell, and several different versions of baked oysters. Fabulous (if you like oysters). Boss Oyster has their own oystermen who select and harvest the Apalachicola Bay oysters each day from their private oyster harvesting boat.

This is a great site with a ton of cool info about Apalachicola Bay and the Apalachicola oysters.

Apalachicola is a pretty sweet little town, with a working waterfront and tons of fresh seafood. We could stay here much longer. Next time!



Oh yeah, and this Lousiana Gold wasabi pepper sauce? Need to find some!!