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We’re in Louisiana! With the Airstream!


We drove from New Braunfels, TX to Lafayette, LA today. We're happy to be back in Louisiana…it's been a while.

Here's downtown Houston as we breezed by:


You know you aren't home anymore (unless you live in Louisiana) when you see about 18 billboards in a row advertising places that have boudin and cracklins. (Eighteen is not exaggerating, either.)


Oh, and a couple of "hold the baby alligator" signs mixed in as well:


We pulled into our campground in Lafayette (Acadiana Park Campground) with an hour and eight minutes until the restaurant we wanted to try closed…so we unhooked the Airstream, locked up, and headed out for some late dinner at the Blue Dog Cafe. It was great. We had crawfish wontons, blacked catfish topped with crawfish etouffee, and some grilled shrimp with sauteed spinach and a little angel hair pasta. Our waiter was fabulous, and there was a good guitar player on stage in the bar area (Scott Alan Stagg). Great vibe all around.

Our campground (from what we could tell in the dark) is great. There's a gate (you get a code to get in), nice wooded spots with water and electric, a dump station, and it's just a few minutes off of I-10. (Oh, and it's $13/night.) Deal! Will let you know more in the morning.

Tomorrow we'll be heading to New Orleans for a few days (via the Bayou Tech scenic byway) after we do a few things in Lafayette. We want to check out St. John's Cathedral and the cemetery there, as well as the 500 year old oak tree, and pick up some shrimp po'boys at the Olde Tyme Grocery. We hear they're magic.

Note: The area of Louisiana we're exploring now is referred to as "Acadiana." (Basically, it's the French part.) More info can be found here.

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  1. Perfect! a travel guide for us….we are headed to Texas and New Orleans after Christmas. Keep the recommendations comin’!
    Jojo (Heirs’DreamTravel)

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