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Duck Duck Goose

There's a lot of animal action here on the Guadalupe River. While I'm working at the dinette I'm frequently Googling things like:

"duck with red face and beak"

"night fishing on the Guadalupe River"

"frog gigging"

"snakes in the Guadalupe River"

I've learned that most of the very large ducks we see on the bank here are Muscovy Ducks (red face and beak), people fish at night with bright lights and bowfishing rigs for catfish, bass, and even alligator gar, and that there are snakes like the diamondhead water snake, as well as cottonmouths in and around the river.


There are a ton of birds around here. Muscovy ducks, great blue herons, egrets, doves, blackbirds… Recently I've been seeing a couple of large ducks that I've never seen before.

"Ducks with brown circles around their eyes"

"Duck with brown splotch on its chest"

Turns out they're Egyptian Geese. In Texas. Neat looking, aren't they?





Okay now, back to work.


  1. These are beautiful shots!

  2. Thanks Tiffani! (I cleaned the windows first.) 🙂 -Laura

  3. Susan Croome Susan Croome

    Thanks for posting so frequently. Really enjoying seeing your great shots and reading about your experiences.

  4. Andi Andi

    I love the pink feet!!

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