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We made it! Silverton to Golden


Long drive today. But I'm going to back up first, to last night. We stopped in at Montagna to try their rum. Had their flagship drink, the Thai Boxer. It was great, and here's the recipe:

Thai Boxer (also may be strained and served as a martini)

Collins Glass with ice/turbinado sugar rim-prepare directly into glass

½ squeezed lime
3-4 basil leaves muddled
2 tsp blueberries and some juice
2 oz Platino
Fill with combo of ginger ale and seltzer (to taste)
Top with 2 drops Angostura bitters


Also had two appetizers: elk empanadas, and smoked trout dip…both excellent.

We bought a bottle of each of their rums: Platino and Oro, both great.

Montagna rum

So this morning we hooked up and headed out, aiming for Golden. A few pics from the drive:







We're staying at the Dakota Ridge RV Resort. It's nice. Our spot is weird…it's narrow and the hookups are super close to the next guy's space. Whatever. We don't care. We're close to town and we're going to be doing a little body shop tour tomorrow anyway. We think the frame might be a little bent on the truck, but it towed the trailer here with absolutely no issues…six hours, and three ~11,000 ft passes. Rock on Ford!