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RV Park Quiet Hours

We arrived here (Dakota Ridge RV Park) after the office was closed. They have a board with available sites on it that you can pick from when you come in late. We chose a back-in site, along "Scenic Rock Loop" that was away from the main road where you enter the park. When we got to the site, it was a little odd (very narrow, and the hookups are right in the middle of the lawn that you'd assume was the neighbor's space…and probably 8 or 10 feet away from the side of the trailer). They didn't seem to be bothered that we had to hookup our sewer connection right next to the suitcase they were repacking on the lawn — the one with the "Moose Crossing" sign on top of a bunch of souvenir T-shirts they're taking back to Bavaria with them.

We cooked some dinner, watched Breaking Bad (using the iPad and Slingbox to play it from our home DVR, because although this place says it has cable, there are only 9 channels and they are CBS, ABC, NBC, Fox, and a couple weather and local stations. That's not cable, that's just regular t.v.)

Sunrise_pvccutterSunrise over PVC cutter

Anyway, we went to bed fairly early, and it's a good thing we did, because right past these trees is some kind of warehouse and there's a guy cutting long pieces of PVC and then putting them on a trolly. Zzzreeeeeeh – one quick cut, 20 seconds, clack, zzzreeeeeeh one quick cut, 20 seconds, clack, repeat forever. Starting at 6am. Apparently he does not need to follow the 10pm to 8am quiet hours. 

Also, a big flatbed truck just drove in with a load of rebar. Hope that's not for the cutter. 


  1. Oh man.. I know EXACTLY what you are talking about! Stayed there one night (I usually only pay for one night at first just for these reasons) and the stupefying 6AM saw and hammer wake up call was astonishing! 6AM really?!

    Again info a little too late.. but Golden Clear Creek RV Park on the lovely river path just a few minutes walk from downtown Golden is the best in my book (good cell signal.. I forget if they cable or not). But the waiting list system is weird though.. you have to call every morning right when the office opens to be put on the list (this place is in high demand.. so calling within first few minutes is crucial).. and then you just wait for a call back if a spot opens. There’s about 10 spots right on the creek.. so if they ask.. you definitely want the creek site. If you don’t get a creek site.. you can work your way up to one over the next days.

  2. Hi Cyrus,
    Yeah, we should have asked around first I think. Oh well. We’re outta here tomorrow and will know for next time. 🙂 (And we’ll try to get to bed early again tonight.)

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