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Walking around Ouray

Ouray is pronounced "yer AY" according to the official guide to pronouncing places in Colorado correctly. I've heard it said a couple different ways (OOO ray, YOU ray), but this one seems to have the majority consensus.

Anyway, we took a break from work around lunch time and went for a walk into town (about a half mile from the campground). Oh yeah, here are some photos of the place we're staying: Ouray RV Park & Cabins, along the Umcompahgre River:



There's a path right along the river that heads into town.




On our way back to the Airstream after we grabbed a little lunch, we passed the Ouray Mining Park (which is basically a little cordoned off area in the parking lot of the Ouray Mineral Springs pool).


They had some of the rocks from the rock drilling mining competitions, and one of the rock drills, along with some other miscellaneous "mining stuff":



Near the Ouray Visitor Center, there's this sculpture: The San Juan Miners' Memorial. 

"It represents a miner changing the bit on his drill. Before pneumatic drills, this tedious labor was done by hand – called a double-jack team. One miner would hold the drill bit while another pounded with an 8-pound sledge. Longer and narrower bits were used until the hole was deep enough for the blasting powder."

Now okay, maybe I'm 12, but I'm wondering whether the sculptor knew how it would read from all angles. Really? 


Here is is from the front:


(Okay, yeah, I'm 12.)