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Brass Band, Beer, and Burgers


Last night we went to the 31st Annual Great Western Rocky Mountain Brass Band Festival in Silverton, CO. It was a blast. All of the musicians dressed in period outfits and played a variety of Sousa marches and other band standards.



This is Dennis Kurtz (below). He plays xylophone, and he tap dances (both separate from and while he's playing the xylophone). We heard that he's also the town plumber and that his wife used to be and may still be the mayor of Silverton.


The concert started at 7pm and was over around 9:30pm. We didn't have dinner before the show so we thought we'd see if anything was still open in town. Hah. 


The Silverton Brewery looked to be open so we thought we'd just see if by chance they might have some food in addition to beer. We parked and walked up to the front door and asked if they were open (there was only one table with a couple people at it) and whether they still had food. The guy working there said they didn't, and walked out front with us to see if he could see/think of any places in town that might still be open with food. Then, he said "Y'know what? If you don't mind waiting a few minutes, I'll just fire up the grill and cook you something here. Come on in." He said no, he didn't mind at all, so we went took him up on his really nice offer.

We sat at the bar and had a beer and he made us some chili and burgers and fries and everything was great. After a few minutes, several more people wandered in and ordered some food as well, so I think it ended up worth the double cleaning on the grill. We left him a good tip to help. 🙂