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Order for Ed!

So one time (when we were in Bandon, OR, a month or so ago having fish & chips) we were sitting outside waiting for our order. There were several tables of other people in various stages of eating and waiting for orders, and this couple on our left and kind of behind me was talking about this amazing!! RV park where they were staying. Oh my god it was so great! It had showers and everything! Kevin and I both heard them and smiled at each other, thinking it was funny that it was the showers that seemed so incredibly amazing about this RV park. (It had showers!! Don't y'know!!?) 


(The patio of the fish & chips place in Bandon, OR)

So we have this code for when we're listening in on someone else's conversation. One of us will inevitably ask the other one "What are you thinking about?" due to the focused, quiet expression and lack of conversation between us, and that person (if indeed they are eavesdropping on the next table over) will answer "Ed" (code for: EavesDropping). That way you don't have to announce "I'm listening to the conversation at the next table!!!" and totally blow your cover. We've been using this code for a while now…10 years or more. Now you too can use it. You're welcome.

Anyway, so we're sitting there out on the patio, and I ask Kevin what he's thinking about and he says "Ed" and I know it's the couple next to us that I can't see talking about this AMAZING showerful RV park. No sooner does he say that, than a waiter comes walking out of the restaurant with a bag in his hand announcing "Order for Ed!" and the guy at the table next to us raises his hand and says "That's me!"


  1. Shirley Rice Shirley Rice

    Too funny! I guess you need a new code word.

  2. HA! I will be borrowing that code BTW . . .

  3. Lisa and Geo, Lily, Maya, Naked Barbie and Sasquatch Lisa and Geo, Lily, Maya, Naked Barbie and Sasquatch

    If I haven’t told you already, remind me to tell you the story, sometime, of the gallery guy who will “cut off your right pinky, if you you touch the artwork” 🙂 Crazy little story, similar vibe.

  4. Anna-Marie White Anna-Marie White

    Oh funny!!

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