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Only 5 Items

See? This place has rules too, but they remind you nicely about them after you're already here when you turn on your television. This is the park channel, I believe.


I wonder what counts as an item. I think we broke this rule. Four solar tiki torches, the Traeger and a side table, two chairs, a tablecloth, and our silver Coleman cooler. That's 10. Nope, doormat equals 11. We only have 5 items out now (the tiki torches and the doormat) since we're getting ready to leave in the morning and have already partially packed up. But even with 11 things, our site looked super sweet and very neat, so probably no one complained. 🙂

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  1. Ha! I counted our stuff too… apparently a set of patio furniture counts as one. And plants are one item too, I think. Its very subjective!!

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