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San Francisco City Club

We went to a business dinner last night at the City Club in San Francisco (formerly the Pacific Stock Exchange). I've been in this building before and remembered this amazing ceiling:


They've also got a large Diego Rivera fresco on the wall of the stairway. This is kind of a crappy snapshot of it (iPhone, low light, people milling about):


From the San Francisco City Guide:

The mural "Allegory of California" graces the stairwell of the City Club (Formerly the Pacific Stock Exchange Club). Normally closed the public, this is an opportunity to see the first mural painted in the US by the great Mexican artist Diego Rivera. The Pacific Stock Exchange Lunch Club, now the City Club, is considered the best interior in the Art Deco style in San Francisco, and among the best in California.

While waiting for the elevator I noticed this fabulous piece of historial goodness:


I wonder if they still use it. The slot wasn't closed or blocked off, so…maybe?