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Oh Alright, More Food Photos

Last night's Hog Island Kumamotos:


Today we're mainly working at the Airstream and doing laundry (they've got a really nice laundry room here that's about half the price of the machines over at the Candlestick Compound). We took a break to run to the store and get a couple of ingredients for dinner tonight, and stopped and had lunch at the Terrapin Creek Cafe. We both had crab cake salads (SO good) and shared a small cup of the green garlic soup (also SO good).


Now we're back to work. Tonight we'll be using the last of our Hog Island Sweetwater small oysters in an oyster chowder. We'll smoke them first just like we've been doing, and add the smoked oysters to the chowder. If it turns out good, I'll post the recipe. 

Also, we stopped over at Gourmet au Bay today and picked up some more green/blue farm eggs, and Kevin took the hex out over the water to get a few aerial shots of the place for Sissy and Bob. Hope they turn out good!


I like our marina view.