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To Cape Blanco

We had a lovely drive to Cape Blanco this afternoon. We took I-5 South to Hwy 38 and headed West along the Umpqua River. So gorgeous!!

It rained a ton until we got down past Eugene and then cleared up nicely.


(Yes, I was driving, and yes, I took this with my iPhone while I was driving.)

Love this shot of the bridge across Coos Bay just north of North Bend:


And of course the obligatory Airstream/bridge shot:


Got to Cape Blanco State Park just as it was nearing sunset. Here's our spot (that's the ocean through those trees):


And here's the view from the park area at the end of the loop:



Pretty great, huh?

We have no AT&T service here (well, a tiny bit out on the grassy point where we took the view photos, but not much). At our camping spot we get Verizon service and can work okay…not sure if this'll be a one nighter or two yet.