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Memorial Day Weekend in Petaluma, CA

So, we’re in Petaluma for the weekend. We wanted to meet up with our friends Jake & Patti (they live in San Diego) and they had plans to be in Jenner, CA the week before this weekend, so our choice for a meet up time was this weekend. Memorial Day Weekend. We started trying to find a campground or spot we could reserve about a month and a half ago, and it turns out (no surprise really) that our options were quite limited. And so here we are. At the North San Francisco/Petaluma KOA. On Memorial Day Weekend. With 5,000 children and 853 dogs. (When I called to make reservations, I requested two spots far from the play area, and it’s actually quite nice where we are.)

And fortunately, there’s a lot to do here:

Petting Farm
Scavenger Hunt
Tie Dying
Face Painting
Poolside Party and BBQ
Sno Cones
Rock Wall
Pancake Breakfast
Hay Wagon Ride
Ice Cream Social
Family Movies
Karaoke Dance Party
Bike Parade
and a giant bouncy thing called Jump Pillow (which actually looks pretty fun)

Patti’s already been to the petting farm. They have baby goats, but the other children wouldn’t give one up for her to hold. We told her she needs to start throwing elbows next time.

If you have kids, you should totally come here for Memorial Day Weekend.

Right now, however, we’re headed out to Adobe Road Wines in Sonoma, the Marin French Cheese Company, and then Sonoma Valley Portworks.

Kevin and I did homemade pizzas on the grill last night for dinner, and tonight Jake’s doing something sous vide (beef, maybe? with risotto? I’m sure it’ll be amazing!)

I’ll try to snap some photos on our way past some of the craziness so you can get a feel for what it’s really like here right now.

(Posted by Laura)