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Embracing the Craziness

Patti finally got to hold a baby goat at the petting farm (they're two weeks old). She didn't even have to knock over any children to get her hands on one.



Here's a shot of the very full campground. I tried, but I still haven't managed to capture JUST how insane it is here this weekend. (We met the people in the Airstream in the shot below just now (Hi Brad and Maggie!). There are at least half a dozen other Airstreams here!


And here's a shot of the area near the petting farm, rock climbing wall, big bouncy thing, and the pool: 


There's a little girl in hot pink that has been blowing a whistle ALL fucking day and I think her parents might want to consider putting her in some camo instead so she's harder to spot. Unfortunately, I think they're the ones blasting Journey and the J. Geils Band at full volume so they can't hear her.


Here's a pretty good shot of the crazy whistling/loud music scene:


Starting Monday, we'll be boondocking. What a shock that'll be.