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Miles and Miles of Trails

There are so many nice hiking trails at Stub Stewart! This morning before we started work we went out early and did about two miles, and hopefully we'll be able to go out again later when/if it quits raining for a bit (or probably even if it doesn't). Our intended route this morning (Barkspud Trail to the Banks-Vernonia State Trail, up to Boomscooter…love the names!) ended up kind of a bust as we got up Boomscooter a little ways. We hiked part of it the other day starting from the north end and it was fine, but after a bit of rain the south end of it was a single track mud fest. We could tell from the track marks it had been used recently by horses (there's a horse camp here and looks like a great place to ride), but the further we got, the worse it was (hilly combined with super muddy) so we reversed our route and headed back a ways on the Banks-Vernonia trail (paved) to where it met the road and then back up the hill to our campsite. 

Here's a link to the trail map, so you can see what I mean about the trail options (click to go to full map and park brochure):


(Posted by Laura)