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Exploring Forest Grove, Verboort, Banks, Manning

We had a great day today. Started out with some omelettes and cappucinos, then went for a soppy hike in the rain (it wasn't too bad when we started, but by the end of it, it was really coming down). The Pacific Northwest is a pretty messy place in the winter.

We took nice hot showers (because, full hookups) and then headed out for some exploring. First we stopped at Sunset Produce just off of Hwy 26.


This place purports to have 60 varieties of jerky. I'm not sure there were really 60, but there were a lot. We picked up two kinds of salmon jerky and a spicy buffalo. The buffalo won. It was all a bit expensive, but it's one of those places that mght draw you in once (unless of course, meat is not your thing). They also have a huge variety of dried fruits, nuts, and honey. I imagine when it's not the middle of winter they also have fresh produce in the empty bins out front.

After we left the jerky emporium we headed to a couple wineries I'd mapped out for us. David Hill Winery, and Appoloni Vineyards. Both were great! We decided we need to explore more of the wineries in our backyard. Maybe we'll check out a couple more tomorrow.

Rainbow along the way:

Photo (16)

We left the wineries and headed back to camp…after just one more stop. This is another one of those places that's good to go ahead and get out the way (to make sure they don't have that one perfect thing you've been looking for forever). Cooterville City Hall Antiques & Junk, in Manning, OR, right on Hwy 26. The inside is even more jam-packed than the outside is:

Photo1 (7)

Glad that's over and done with. 🙂 And no, we didn't find that one perfect thing.

Now, we're going to grill some salmon and open a bottle of wine that we picked up today. It's raining outside, but we're perfectly cozy inside. Happy Saturday!

(Posted by Laura)