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North Park

Today we met up with some friends over in the North Park area of San Diego. They have a fabulous photo studio called Oh My Dog Photography and yes, they do pet portraits. But not just any old pet portraits. Pet portraits with some humor and edge. Like this one:

Screen shot 2011-06-09 at 6.22.30 PM

You'll see they don't just do dogs…one of my favorites they had up on the walls was a cute little bunny. Anyway, if you're in San Diego, check 'em out! Mike Fish and Tee Taylor and they're awesome.

We went to lunch and visited, then wandered around the farmers' market and picked up some goodies:

A tea towel that matches our decor perfectly, some cool laser cut Chilewich (silver!!) placements, and some salts from Salt Farm (the big jar is truffle salt, and the small ones are smoked paprika, espresso, and chipotle). Delicious!

It was gray and chilly today (uh, oh, I'm getting acclimated already…what is it? 66 degrees? hmmm…) so we didn't go sailing when we got back. Oh well. Tomorrow.

(Posted by Laura)