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More interior shots

For those of you who have requested more interior shots, here's a thorough tour of the inside of our Airstream!

Our office. Doubles as the dinner table and occasional lounge seating. (Oops, forgot to take that lounge seating shot!)

Above the dinette on one side is where Kevin keeps the "entertainment center"…the Mac mini, the modem, the cell booster, etc. We grabbed a little bamboo shelf from Storables to use to make a higher shelf and we keep cords and miscellaneous electronic "stuff" underneath the shelf.


Close-up shot of the silver and chocolate upholstery

The sofa and hallway back to bedroom

Front door and new Pixie espresso maker.


Kitchen (not sure yet how I feel about that cutting board there…I think we need something cooler)

Kitchen with spice rack and cute orange kitchen timer.

We now keep our vintage dishes in this slide-out, locking, lip-slide-protecting pull-out (after The Incident with the first set of carefully collected vintage dishes).

I've got a little rectangular basket I use for produce in the bottom shelf…

There's a pull-out with a microwave in the middle cupboard.

And here's what's in the cupboard up top.  It's where our first set of carefully collected vintage dishes used to live before The Incident.

In the cupboard above the stove/sink with the sliding doors, we keep pots and pans and bowls on the left, and dry goods (cereal, bread, etc.) on the right.  We just upgraded our cookware and bowls to more streamlined versions that nest perfectly and take up much less room than our mismatched ones all did.

This set of nesting cookware by Magma is fabulous so far!

These nesting bowls by Oxo have a non-slip coating that makes them perfect for travel.  (They also come in white.)

This is a taller version of the same bamboo shelf from Storables (I think they have three different heights) that we use in the upper kitchen cupboard.

The hallway to the bedroom. Closet then shower on the left, bathroom on the right.

We stuck one of these plastic drawer systems on the right side of the closet, and keep the left for hanging things. Lightweight and works great.

Bathroom.  Fairly minimal.

Pictures I've taken of some other travels in little "Polaroid" frames on the bathroom wall.

Bedroom.  (Yes, we have XBox in the trailer. So what. Shut up.)  :)  Oh and those candles are these great LED candles we got at Target that I swear are so awesome. They flicker, and give the whole place such a nice ambience. We have one on the dinette table too, and we love it. They have a 4-hour timer, even, so you don't burn the place down if you fall asleep. And when I reach over them to pour more wine or something when we're having dinner, I totally keep my arm up high so I don't burn myself. They are THAT realistic!

Cute IKEA mirror ($19.95), bathroom door on the left.

Shower on the right, then closet, from the bedroom.

Did I miss anything?  I've got more organizing ideas for the other drawers and cupboards so when I'm done with that, I'll get inside there too.

(Posted by Laura)