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Tag: Puget Sound

Airship at Dusk

We took the dinghy out for a little more Torqueedo testing as the sun was setting last night in Port Gamble Bay. I have to say, I do prefer the ride when we're going full speed (which tonight was about 4.2 kts). The dinghy rides so much flatter on the surface…


Exploring Port Gamble

We headed into the town of Port Gamble today around noon. We wanted to check out the town and have some lunch at the Port Gamble General Store and Cafe (well, technically brunch, since we skipped breakfast). We took off in the dinghy, loving the quiet, non-smelly electric Torqueedo (though I think we may invest in a…

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Lakebay, WA

This is one of our new favorite spots in the South Sound: Lakebay and Penrose Point State Park. This is where we moored last night, on a marine state park buoy, and it looked JUST LIKE THAT. Amazing isn't it? It is so very still here.  We took the dinghy…

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1928 Ocean City

Here in Oro Bay on Anderson Island in the South Puget Sound sits the Ocean City, a 189-foot 50-car ferry built in 1928. Originally steam-powered, it was built for the Reading Railroad. Re-powered with a 1600hp Fairbanks-Morse engine, the ferry was acquired by the State of Virginia in 1950. Captain…

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Tacoma Narrows

We timed our departure from Tacoma this morning to start through the Tacoma Narrows right around slack tide and at the beginning of a flood. (Flood flows south, ebb goes north.) So at slack the current is still, and as it turns to flood, the current starts south and gives…

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