Day 11 - More from Ocean Falls

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016

The weather finally cleared up a bit earlier this evening so we went out for a walk around "town." (Some history about Ocean Falls here.)

The "bar" is apparently to the left:


Our buddies, the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.


I spotted one of the policemen returning to the boat with a bike...I suppose he went for a bike ride around this crazy set of a zombie apocalypse movie. (Not to belittle the history or the ruins...but man after all those seasons of The Walking Dead, it does feel a bit creepy walking the "neighborhood" here. We saw not one other person...a few houses had lights on...but no visible life.)



These photos will give you a pretty good feel of the place. Last year when we were here it was all sunny and bright, and the wildflowers were all blooming, so the mostly abandoned town felt kinda of happy...but this year it was gray and dreary. Makes a way better set for a zombie film.






We got back to Airship and decided to take the drone up for an overall shot of the docks and the town. Yep, that's right. RIGHT in front of the Royal Canadian Mounted Police. We're risk-takers, you know.


And now, it's time for some tacos! 


Day 6 - Shoal Bay to Port Harvey, BC

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016


We left Shoal Bay this morning around 8am (after Kevin retrieved our crab traps...which contained two more big male Dungeness) to time getting to Greene Point Rapids and Whirlpool Rapids at favorable times. We were early for Greene Point (oooh, look how scary!)...

Greenepoint-0826 order to get to Whirlpool Rapids around slack. The drama was non existent. Just how we like it. 

Conditions were calm in Johnstone Strait, and bonus! The current was helping us out about a knot and a half's worth.


Sideways totems on the shore:




We're now at Port Harvey hanging out with George. The main building is of course gone (here's the story of what happened), but they're rebuilding, and George will still be making cinnamon buns this summer (starting in about a week). There's a nice 48' x 48' floating dock that will soon have a big tent on it, making it a nice place to hang out with some shade. He's also got a pizza oven coming from Italy that will be installed in the new digs. Can't wait to see how great this place shapes up to be (after a TON of work after the barge sank last November). If you're coming this way, definitely stop and say hi to George and ask him about his pizza oven. The support of the boating community is so important for cool spots like this to thrive, and Port Harvey was, is, and will continue to be such a great spot for boaters. 

Here's today's route from Shoal Bay to Port Harvey (43.4 nautical miles, 5 hours 35 minutes):


While we were cooking our crab for dinner (crab enchiladas!) Kevin took the drone up and we got a few cool photos of Port Harvey:


And here's a shot of the repairs and new 48' x 48' floating dock:


Tomorrow morning we'll head over to Pierre's at Echo Bay, and then on Sunday hopefully over to Port McNeil to prep for crossing Cape Caution and provision for the next leg of our trip. (Today the conditions were 1.5 foot waves with a 14 second period....glassy!! Let's hope it stays that way!) 

Day 4 - Lund to Squirrel Cove

Airship Goes to Alaska 2016


We got up early this morning in Lund and headed up to Nancy's for breakfast (and a couple of blackberry cinnamon rolls to go). Prawn season opened today, so the docks were crowded with prawn traps and buoys being loaded onto fishing boats. We left after breakfast and decided to head up toward Toba Inlet.

I snapped a photo of our neighbor's boat as they headed out this morning. We'll likely meet up with them again (they're on their way to Wrangell) so I can give them this photo, but hey guys! If you see this post, just right click and save it if you want it! :)


I love turning the corner into Desolation Sound and being greeted by this:



It was gray and drizzly this morning but cleared up nicely for the rest of our day.


We went up to Toba Inlet and cruised in about half way to check out some waterfalls.




Pretty stunning scenery, isn't it? And it's only going to get better (well, more dramatic) from here. 

We did a fairly long cruise today just to cruise...we ended up anchoring in Squirrel Cove on Cortes Island, which as you can see on the map, is not that far from Lund (as the crow flies). Today's cruise was 55.4 nautical miles in 7 hours 32 minutes:


We drove around the anchorage area in Squirrel Cove surveying the bottom with our new sonar....great way to pick a spot where there aren't a bunch of logs!


Once successfully anchored, Kevin took the drone up and we took a few photos from the air:



Tomorrow we'll head outta here around 5:45am to get to Dent Rapids by high slack (9:21am) and then we're not sure where we'll stay tomorrow night. We'll let you know tomorrow!