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Fog and Forest

I know, we’ve been quiet. We’ve been home in Portland working ourselves silly! (This is the view this morning from my home office.) First we were snowed in for a solid week (!!) and then during that week we’d started some new projects that we didn’t want to lose momentum on…so we kind of kept ourselves snowed in and working for another week! All day, every day, even weekends. The life of the self-employed is not always humpbacks and bald eagles, you know?

We’re gearing up to head north again this week. We’ll bring Airship down to Seattle for the Seattle Boat Show. I don’t remember if I announced this or not, but we’ll be giving a couple of short seminars at the boat show this year. I posted about it on Slowboat. Click here for topics, times, dates, and locations!

We’ll be at Bell Harbor Marina (downtown Seattle) for the week and then doing a little cruising around Puget Sound, finishing up in Poulsbo for the Winter Rendezvous on February 10th and 11th. Should be a fun couple of weeks!

Additionally, we’ve finished up the main backbone of our “Mastering the Inside Passage” video series for Slowboat. If you’ve thought about taking a boat up the Inside Passage to Alaska but felt like it was beyond your expertise, fear not! Remember, we bought Airship in September of 2014, our first boat ever, and did our first trip up the Inside Passage that very next May. We’ve broken it down into sections based on geography, so even if you just want to get from Olympia to the San Juans, there’s an episode just for you. Anyway, check it out if you’re interested, and let us know what you think!

I got a new camera last month and I’ve been loving it! It’s a Fuji X-T2, with interchangeable lenses (so far I have the 35mm, 56mm, 18-135mm, and the 100-400mm…will soon be adding the 10-24mm). I’ll be selling my Nikon D7100 and 18-300mm lens, and then probably my D700 and all its prime lenses. I use the D700 primarily in the studio, so I’ll likely wait on that one until I know for sure that the Fuji will do what I want in the studio. I may even sell my Fuji X100s and its telephoto lens and accessories, so if any of this is of interest to you, shoot me a note.

Meanwhile, guess what? It’s tulip time!! Looking forward to a little stroll through Pike Place Market to pick some up for the boat!


  1. GMertl GMertl

    Nothing wrong with a little quiet now and then. Good luck at the boat show, I know you’ll be “Riveting”, haha.

  2. Bruce Kilen Bruce Kilen

    Laura I was trying to catch up and had finished with 2015, but I can’t seem to get January thru December to load. We have a sailing catamaran and have been up Sullivan Bay farthest north in it. In previous sailboat my buddy and I sailed around Vancouver Island in 1994 and again 1995. When Linda retires we will head north to Alaska

    • Hi Bruce,
      I’m not exactly sure what you mean. Try scrolling down in the right column, there’s a drop down menu called Archives, where you can choose month-by-month entries…. Does that help?
      Sullivan Bay is lovely…sounds like you guys have covered some ground! It’s not THAT much further to go all the way. When does Linda retire?

      • Bruce Kilen Bruce Kilen

        Yes that works, I just can’t use the “previous post” button. I might see you at your camera seminar, and discuss the better lens addition for distant animal and scenery shots. You will see a lot of our yacht club TYC if you are in Bell Harbor this weekend. Our website

        • Right, for the archives you can’t do “previous post/next post”. How were you trying to load those posts before that wasn’t working? Everything seems to be working as it should be when I try it…if you ever get an error that you don’t expect, screenshot it and send it to me (or just the page where it happens)…I hate having bugs on a website! 🙂

          We come into Bell Harbor on Sunday…I bet there may be a few TYC stragglers that stay past Fri/Sat though, don’t you think?

          If you end up at the photo seminar, definitely come introduce yourself!

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