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To Fisherman Bay, Lopez Island

We left Jones Island this morning and cruised back over to Friday Harbor for some grocery-getting and some lunch.

Airship, middle of the below photo:


The forecast for tomorrow looks a little rough, so we chose to head across to Fisherman Bay on Lopez Island and stay put until Tuesday.

E wind 5 to 15 kt…becoming NE 25 to 35 kt after midnight. Wind waves 2 ft or less…building to 4 to 6 ft after midnight. Rain or snow showers likely.
N wind 25 to 35 kt…easing to 20 to 30 kt in the afternoon. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft. A chance of snow showers in the morning…then a slight chance of snow showers in the afternoon.
Mon Night
NE wind 15 to 25 kt. Wind waves 2 to 4 ft.

Gorgeous winter day for a cruise. Fisherman Bay is only 3-4nm from Friday Harbor. We were wishing we had further to go, so we slowed down a bit to make it last a little longer. 🙂


The sandbar at the entrance to Fisherman Bay is littered with boat bones:


Entering Fisherman Bay is shallow and winding but not difficult as long as you pay attention to the markers, your chart, your depths, and the plethora of crab traps as you wind your way in.

Safe Harbour and Airship are tucked in and anchored in the bay now, and we’ll probably have dinner together again and then make an early night of it, and with less wine (unlike last night). Tomorrow we’ll get some more Slowboat work done here with Sam and Anna before heading back to Anacortes on Tuesday.


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Never anchored in Fishermans, curious how snug you will be once the winds kick up.

    • Snug-ish. It’s definitely still windy, and there’s some wave slap on the bow, but it’s not too bad.

    • Wind NE 25-30kts gusting to 38kts, fairly strong flood current. Fun times! And now we’re all salty and the water is turned off in the marina. Awwwwwww.

      Kevin took some video while I was at the helm:

      • Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

        So much quasi-fun….That stretch of Rosario is a roll of the dice, except the southerly is usually the culprit, especially on the ebb. I got caught in something like that two weeks ago southbound from Everett to Bremerton. I left late afternoon hoping for a quiet if wet ride, got as far as Edmonds and no farther when a wind/rain squall roaring down Admiralty caught me.

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