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Sucia Island to Jones Island to San Juan Island

Sam took that photo of Airship, above, as we were on our way from Sucia Island and headed for Jones Island yesterday. The wind was picking up and we figured it would be best to get inside the islands with a little more protection so we didn’t have to cross over in worse conditions. We left with the wind and current at our backs, and it wasn’t too bad…choppy and maybe 4ft following seas.

We moored at the south side of Jones Island last night, and got some more work done before dinner. It’s still quite cold out (30 degrees Fahrenheit when I took this photo just before sunrise this morning), and there’s snow in the forecast for this afternoon, but we’ll see:


After breakfast on Sam’s boat, we cruised over to Friday Harbor on San Juan Island, where we are now. We’ll stay here while the wind does its thing (NE wind 25 to 35 kt. Wind waves 4 to 6 ft.). We’re recording another Slowboat webcast today (an overview of the Inside Passage), and we’ll probably go into town for dinner tonight…then more webcast work tomorrow. Excited to get these finished and posted for you guys to check out!


  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Good to have you chronicling your San Juan peregrinations in the off season! Was there a south swell when you anchored at Jones?

    • Thanks Kevin! It was a little choppy/rolly (wind was NE) and the mooring balls were bumping on our bows a little bit…

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