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Gulf Islands | Wallace Island

We left Anacortes yesterday morning in some beautiful light:It was a day later than we’d originally planned to leave, but we thought opting for less wind and calmer seas would be prudent in the long run. We stopped at the fuel dock and topped off our tanks. Here’s the “Lady of the Sea” statue (depicting a lady and child waiting for their loved ones to return from the sea) with a seagull on her head: We cleared Canadian Customs by phone (yay Canpass!) and had a nice fairly smooth cruise up to Wallace Island in the Gulf Islands.  Conover Cove is busy for New Year’s Eve!We rafted onto Safe Harbour so Sam could give us some water (and because there was really nowhere else to go, turns out). Sam’s watermaker is coming in handy now that it’s cold and most marinas turn off their water (including ours). But first we went for a little hike around the island while we still had light: This little abandoned cabin is covered in driftwood boat names from all over:Inside: Old truck on a tiny island with no roads: Sam’s checking out the geocache hidden in the glove box. (Oops, should I not say that?) Good thing we had our Xtratuf boots, because the trail was SUPER muddy:Camouflage waterbird:We’re underway now en route to Green Bay, across the Strait of Georgia in Agamemnon Channel (via Dodd Narrows, where we’ll be challenging some current). Green Bay sounds like a good place to stage for getting to Princess Louisa on New Year’s Day. The weather looks pretty good…it’s supposed to be cold (right around freezing), but sunny, and the conditions right now in the Strait are “wind calm, seas rippled.” We’ll take it!


  1. Bryce Helgerson Bryce Helgerson

    What was your total cruise time from anacortes to princess Louisa?

    • We aren’t to Princess Louisa yet (just left Wallace Island this morning) but I’ll let you know once we get there and have that data! 🙂

  2. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Happy New Year! Watching your voyage on The Marine Traffic app, but no sign of Safe Harbour since Roche a month ago. Where is Sam’s boat? And did you hit some wind crossing Strait of Georgia? Gale warning in effect north of Nanaimo yesterday.

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