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Halloween on Sucia Island

Yesterday morning we did some boat projects (oil and oil filter change, fuel filter change) and then around noon we headed up to Fossil Bay on Sucia Island. We had about 20+ knots of wind from the north and some chop, but it was a pretty day to be out on the boat. We stopped at Matia Cove (on Matia Island) to check it out as a possible anchorage, and though it was pretty, we opted to continue on over to Sucia (for some increased hiking options). It was pretty cold out by the time we arrived (around 4pm) so we just hung at the boat and later made dinner (chicken piccata over zucchini noodles), and watched a couple more episodes of Black Mirror (Season 3…we’ve seen up to Episode 4 now). It rained most of the night and until this afternoon, so we just stayed cozy on Airship and worked.

Once it stopped raining, we dinghied to shore and then hiked over to Echo Bay and around out to the point. Even gray and cold, it’s still beautiful here.


Maybe because they’re all wet from the rain, but the bark on the madrone trees is just electric today!

suciaisland-1634 suciaisland-1623 suciaisland-1624 suciaisland-1630 suciaisland-1632

We thought we might head back to Cypress Island today, but we’re staying put. It’s nice here, and we’re getting a lot of work done (and there are otters!). We’re the only boat on a mooring ball here…there were two boats at the dock last night (one sailboat, one Nordic Tug 37) and today only the Nordic Tug remains….a pretty quiet Halloween!