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We’re Back!

We left our beautiful anchorage at Cabbage and Tumbo Islands yesterday morning (after a very rolly, sleepless night…oh well, we can sleep later) and headed for Anacortes. It was foggy a lot of the time, but on and off. Here’s Orcas Island sticking up out of the fog bank, during one of the “off” times:


Sun. Trees. Fog. Water.


Returning home after months of cruising to incredible locations is always bittersweet. Here are some numbers for you!

  1. This summer we were on board for 150 days/nights, we cruised 3700.3 nautical miles, and we spent 625.46 hours underway.
  2. Last summer, we were on board for 129 days/night, we cruised 3131 nautical miles, and we spent 527 hours underway.
  3. Last night was Night #480 spent aboard since we purchased Airship on the 23rd of September 2014. That’s 480 days out of 735 days. That’s 65% of our time spent on Airship.

We’re back in Anacortes now, doing boat stuff. Cleaning the boat. Scheduling a haul out and new bottom paint and zincs for the boat. Looking at bigger boats…that kind of stuff.


  1. eheffa eheffa


    What a ride!

    Thank you for the cruise by proxy.

    It’s been entertaining and educational. I’ve enjoyed your recent accounts of some of the haunts more familiar to us… but I dream of heading further North some day.

    We were at Tumbo / Cabbage Island at Easter this last year & had a lovely quiet night on one of the buoys…followed but a second very lumpy night when the Strait of Georgia blew up into a strong NW’erly. It’s lovely spot but a bit exposed to the NW. We moved to Winter Cove the next night but didn’t attempt Boat Passage, opting for the more safe scenic route 😉

    Welcome home. (Bittersweet eh?)


    • Thanks Kevin! So glad you followed along with us!

  2. “Looking at bigger boats…”


  3. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Welcome (truly) back! Too bad about that rolly anchorage, I wondered how it might be there. What is the verdict on the new solar panels/ lithium battery combo?

    • Thanks Kevin! The other time we anchored there it was calm and peaceful…it’s all about the wind and a little bit of NW kicked up this last time. Oh well. 🙂

      Short answer: Awesome. Longer answer: Kevin will be writing all about it soon!

  4. GMertl GMertl

    Welcome home after a long and marvelous trip. I enjoyed being virtually along with you, thanks very much. As usual, the photography and commentary were exceptional. Are you planning an update of how some of your new stuff worked out? Like solar panels, batteries, new electronic, etc.

    Cheers – Gary

    • Indeed we do! We’re working on it as I type, even! 🙂

      Thanks so much Gary, and thanks for coming along with us!!

  5. Michael Ostlund Michael Ostlund

    I just wanted to say thank you for your blog. My wife and I cruised a little over 23,000 miles in our sailboat but we never cruised to Alaska, except once on a cruise ship, and we really enjoyed all your pictures and stories!

    • Thank you Michael! We really appreciate your feedback, and it’s wonderful to have you and your wife following along with us! 23,000 miles is impressive! I hope we get there someday! We’re at 9,427nm since September 2014, so I think we’re headed there fast. 🙂

  6. Ran Nathe Ran Nathe

    This sounds great! Does this work for land travel as well? Is it satellite that you get the signal from? By the way, thanks for all the wonderful posts this summer. It brings back fond memories.

    • Hi Ran, I assume you’re talking about the internet stuff…and yes, it works great for land travel. The signal is not satellite…it’s a regular cellular data connection (like your smartphone), and for land we’d likely only need the Verizon account. When we travel by Airstream we found that Verizon was by far the winner when it came to coverage in the lower 48.

      Thanks for following along with us this summer! 🙂

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