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Klemtu to Shearwater | BC

We left Klemtu on the early side yesterday. The water was smooth and the skies were clear. Gorgeous day to be on the water!

We arrived at Perceval Narrows near max ebb, but the tidal swing is small right now and we estimated we might have as much as 2kts of current with us. As we got closer we kept an eye on our speed as we binoc’d the area between Martha Island and Lizzie Rocks, and it looked fine…a little bit of movement in the water but not much. We went through easily with just below 2kts of current with us. Just like we thought!

Gorgeous in Reid Passage:


A bit of swell (crashing on the rocks) as we came out of Reid Passage and into Seaforth Channel:

reidpassage-7021 reidpassage-7022

We arrived into Shearwater around 3pm, caught up with Christophe (the harbour master) and then headed up to do laundry and get groceries. We did some work while waiting for laundry, and then had dinner up at the pub.

View from dinner (before it got too cold and we moved inside):


We ran into the guys from Dawnbreaker, the big sailboat docked next to us in Kasaan (and then again in Klemtu) and caught up with them after dinner (had a nightcap on Dawnbreaker). We’ll probably see them again tonight in Codville Lagoon…fun bunch of guys!

This morning it’s gorgeous out! Kevin’s finishing up an article and I’m going to make breakfast here in a minute before we head out. Codville Lagoon isn’t far, so it’ll be a short cruise today.

Shearwater, from Airship this morning:

shearwater-7030 shearwater-7032 shearwater-7033

Not sure when we’ll have internet next. Our rough plan is Codville Lagoon tonight, then maybe Pruth Bay or Fury Cove before crossing Cape Caution. We need to look at the weather forecast and that’ll give us an idea how fast or slow we need to be over the next few days. The guys on Dawnbreaker have some other spots between here and there marked on their chart that sound interesting too…so we’ll just play it by ear!