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Statistics from Sitka

We’ve been on Airship now for 100 days since leaving Portland on May 1, 2016. Here are some stats:

93 days since we left Anacortes
26 days with guests aboard
24 nights at anchor
11 nights rafted with Safe Harbour at anchor
65 nights at a marina or public dock or float
2,365 nautical miles traveled
363 hours underway
631 gallons of fuel bought
1 oil change
1 oil filter change
1 fuel filter change
1 dinghy puncture (patched)
1 toilet clog (cleared)
1 gray water float switch broken (replaced)
1 undersized 12 volt wire melted (replaced)
1 king salmon caught (eaten/frozen)
1 halibut caught (eaten/frozen)
2 coho salmon caught (eaten/frozen)
4 rockfish caught (and eaten)
3 pink salmon caught (thrown back)
~40 Dungeness crabs caught (and eaten)
Over 5000 photos taken

Total time from September 23, 2014 (the day we bought Airship):

We’ve spent 430 nights aboard
We’ve traveled 8091 nautical miles
We’ve cruised for 1306 hours


  1. Janna Clark Janna Clark

    Laura, did you and Kevin have boating experience before you purchased the Airship?

    • Not really, Janna. Kevin sailed Hobie 16s with his brother when they were growing up in Texas, and my grandpa and my mom had sailboats when I was little (in Southern California) that I was on quite a bit. Kevin and I had a Hobie Tandem Island that we traveled with sometimes with the Airstream (an 18 ft tandem kayak with outriggers and a sail)…but no real experience with boats like Airship. (Sorry for the late reply!)

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