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Statistics from Sitka

We’ve been on Airship now for 100 days since leaving Portland on May 1, 2016. Here are some stats:

93 days since we left Anacortes
26 days with guests aboard
24 nights at anchor
11 nights rafted with Safe Harbour at anchor
65 nights at a marina or public dock or float
2,365 nautical miles traveled
363 hours underway
631 gallons of fuel bought
1 oil change
1 oil filter change
1 fuel filter change
1 dinghy puncture (patched)
1 toilet clog (cleared)
1 gray water float switch broken (replaced)
1 undersized 12 volt wire melted (replaced)
1 king salmon caught (eaten/frozen)
1 halibut caught (eaten/frozen)
2 coho salmon caught (eaten/frozen)
4 rockfish caught (and eaten)
3 pink salmon caught (thrown back)
~40 Dungeness crabs caught (and eaten)
Over 5000 photos taken

Total time from September 23, 2014 (the day we bought Airship):

We’ve spent 430 nights aboard
We’ve traveled 8091 nautical miles
We’ve cruised for 1306 hours