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Juneau to Admiralty Cove

Above photo: sunset in Juneau, Thursday night.

We left Juneau midday yesterday and headed for Admiralty Cove. Admiralty Cove is about three hours from Juneau, at the top of Admiralty Island. The weather was crappy, but we fished for a bit anyway (out near Skull Island). We eventually called it and headed in to anchor for the night and make dinner (salmon, brussels sprouts salad, and some roasted baby potatoes).


The sky cleared up just a little bit last night and from our anchorage we had a killer view of a full, very close rainbow. I couldn’t get the whole thing in one frame…that’s how close it was.

admiraltycove-2831 admiraltycove-6569 admiraltycove-2835

The wind blew pretty good all night and we had more rain (and slappy waves against the bow, but it wasn’t bad), but today has been nice. We’re now anchored in about 175 feet on the south side of Skull Island doing a little halibut fishing. This morning before we came out here we put our crab traps out in the cove, so we’re hoping for dinner of halibut or crab.

We’ll anchor again tonight in Admiralty Cove and then head back into Juneau tomorrow (July 3). Fourth of July fireworks start at 11:59pm on July 3, and apparently we’ll have a killer view of them from Steve’s dock. We’ll likely spend the 4th doing laundry and cleaning the boat, getting ready for our friends Todd and Loek to join us on the 5th (back to Ford’s Terror!! Yay!!)

Happy Saturday!