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Gustavus, Flynn Cove, Hoonah

Tiffani and Deke’s flight (referred to locally as “The Jet”) arrived in Gustavus on time and they were at the city dock via TLC Taxi in no time!

gustavus_dock-6822 gustavus_dock-6825 gustavus_dock-6819 gustavus_eagles-3585

We took off for Flynn Cove, across Icy Strait, to meet up with Sam on Safe Harbour.

In the first hour of Alaska for Tiffani and Deke, we saw giant steller sea lions flinging salmon around, many rafts of otters, and a whole bunch of humpbacks…tail slapping, fin slapping, and a few full breaches. I guess that’ll do!

gustavus_humpbacks-3621 gustavus_humpbacks-3623 gustavus_humpbacks-3627 gustavus_humpbacks-3631 gustavus_humpbacks-3634 gustavus_humpbacks-3635 gustavus_humpbacks-3645 gustavus_otters-3593

Beautiful out on Icy Strait:

gustavus_water-3590 gustavus_water-3599

Flynn Cove, with just one other boat:


We rafted with Safe Harbour in Flynn Cove and had dinner together, and in the morning we headed for Hoonah where we were not really counting on our scheduled flightseeing trip to Glacier Bay to happen due to the less than ideal weather, and we were correct. They called at 10am and said they had to cancel. We arrived in Hoonah and took a walk out to Icy Strait Point for lunch and some touristing, then to Hoonah Trading Co. for some groceries. We showered and napped and worked a little back at our boats, and then walked down to Icy Strait Brewing that evening to grab a beer and some dinner from the Thai food truck next door (Srisa…so good!)

View from the deck:

icystraitbrewing-1090 icystraitbrewing-1091

Yesterday in Hoonah, Sam had us over to Safe Harbour for breakfast (delicious waffles!!) and then we did a little last minute gathering of a few more groceries at what we call the “Tiny Expensive Costco” … I can’t remember the name of the place (Colleen’s Cupboard maybe?) but it’s basically a Costco resale store. Great when you need it, but you pay about double the Costco price. Considering they’ve got to get all that stuff up here from Juneau, it seems pretty fair.

Oh yeah, we were able to get a last minute permit for Glacier Bay (for both boats!) for the 27th, so that’s what we’re doing next. We stayed in Sawmill Bay in Excursion Inlet again last night since we had a day to kill. We fished on the way in and caught a nice big coho, so we had grilled salmon, risotto, and asparagus for dinner last night. Crab traps had two big Dungies in ‘em this morning, so we’ll probably have some crab leg appetizers tonight, and maybe salmon tacos.

One black bear in Sawmill Bay:


We are now headed for Bartlett Cove and into Glacier Bay National Park for a few days. The weather isn’t great, but maybe things will improve a bit once we’re further into the park.