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How About Taku Harbor?

Our plan today was to leave Juneau and head for Tracy Arm. We thought we’d fish a bit through slack tide near the entrance to Endicott Arm, then stay in Tracy Arm Cove for the night. But as we got a little ways outside of Gastineau Channel, the wind (and waves) picked up quite a bit, and eventually we decided we didn’t really want another three hours of that. The wind was up to 20-25 kts and the waves had picked up from 2 to about 4-5 feet. Taku was sounding pretty good!

We tied up to the dock at Taku and got the dinghy down quickly, because on our way in we spotted a large bear and her two cubs over on the beach, so we thought we’d put out crab traps and go get a closer look. We opted for the closer look first, then crab traps, because we could see that the three of them were headed up toward the woods. By the time we got there, we could only see mama bear, but I was able to get some really fun shots of her as she smelled and noticed us. As I watched her more closely, she’d go along for a bit, then kind of sit down in the grass and look up and wait…then get up and THEN I’d see a cub or two run after her, so I think she was nursing. (The cubs were quite small.) So cool.

taku_bear-2299 taku_bear-2295taku_bear-2297

Crab traps are out! We’ll check ‘em in the morning, and provided it’s calmed down out there by morning, we’ll continue down to Ford’s Terror!