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Home, Work, Hike, Work

We've been quiet and boring, I know. We just left you there with that bread maker thing for a week and a half! Sorry. Here's a photo of the (muddy) hiking trail near our house:


It had been raining for days and days, but we had a nice stretch of a week or so with some dry times so we made sure to do our 3-4 mile hike every day that we could while we were home. We've been working quite a bit, but guess what? We're heading back to the boat tomorrow!

We're taking Airship over to La Conner on Sunday to get some electronics upgrades. Those upgrades will take about a week, and then we've got a guy who is going to replace a couple of the spots where there's carpet with Amtico (the flooring we have in the rest of the boat), and we're going to also talk to him about upgrading the countertops from laminate to Corian or something similar. There will be a night or two where we can't stay on the boat and we contemplated driving up with the Airstream and using the La Conner Marina RV Resort (the Airstream and Airship, together in one place!) but it's a bit too much hassle, so I'll probably just take the boat from Anacortes to LaConner and Kevin will drive the truck and meet me over there so we have a car while we're there, and then we'll get a hotel when we need to. (The doctor today said Kevin can start some weight-bearing things with his right hand, like doing dishes and carrying groceries, so I think grabbing the dock lines for me is totally within his therapy now, too!)

I mentioned that we upgraded Airship's solar system the last time we were in Anacortes, but it was so crappy out that I didn't get many photos (plus, I was doing all the wiring!) so as soon as we get up there and get a few more photos, we'll post about the upgrade. (Also, we're selling the solar kit that we had before, so let me know if you're interested in that and I'll send you the craigslist link…it'd be great on a boat or an RV.)

More boaty fun, comin' up soon!