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Indian Cove on Shaw Island


This morning we worked for several hours and then finished up a couple of boat projects we started the other day. Boat projects completed are: (1) Secure LED rope lights behind valances in salon (2) fix master stateroom dimmer on LED lights (3) replace bezel on under settee cabinet with new one so Tiffani and I don't cut ourselves on it ever again (4) sand the edge of same under settee cabinet so door will open and close without sticking OMG that was so annoying for so long (5) procure new raw water impeller for Onan generator and replace the old one (which as it turns out, really needed replacing, see photo below), (6) come up with better solution for closet storage (7) install XBox, and (8) get a new lightbulb for the engine room light fixture.

Happy with our progress, and noticing that the wind had died down considerably since yesterday (which was gusting to 47 kts!), we decided to head out! We're now over at Indian Cove at the south end of Shaw Island. We anchored and then set out a couple of crab traps, and now I'm about to start prepping dinner. Tomorrow we're having an early Thanksgiving dinner at the Coho Restaurant in Friday Harbor on San Juan Island. They're doing a chef's tasting menu that sounds delicious and low key and should be quite nice. 

There was still some chop as we crossed Rosario Strait, but it's calmed down quite a bit now and though it's definitely chilly out, it's still so pretty.



We hope everyone has a lovely holiday weekend! 

I just looked out the salon window and the moon is huge and full and yellow/orange and making the coolest reflection on the water. It's so much prettier and dramatic here in person viewing it with my eyeballs, but it's a bit surprising at all that I can get a photo of this decent from a swinging boat, floating in the water:



p.s. Here's a photo of the new raw water impeller for the generator (on the left) and the old one (and all of its pieces) on the right. Fun stuff! 



  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    I must go there and hike that trail…why does the trail close in Feb?

    • It’s closed February 1 through mid July to protect sensitive species/nesting birds.

  2. After 25 years in Phoenix, any picture of Mt. Baker can make me homesick. Loved them both.

    • Awwww, I’m glad, John! Thank you.

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