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Chilly Days in the San Juan Islands


We left Portland on Thursday afternoon RIGHT at the perfect time to put us in near Seattle at rush hour. Smart! We arrived at the marina in Anacortes right around 7pm and spent the rest of the night putting stuff away, organizing, and making dinner (steak frites with sauteed spinach). In the morning we got up early and headed back into Seattle for an 11am photo shoot. The boat and the docks were frosty, and the temperature was around 33 degrees Farenheit when we left right around 8am. Brrrrr.

The weather was perfect and the photo shoot went well (so well, we even shot some outside!). We returned to Airship by 3pm and were out of our slip in no time! We had a plan to meet some friends (two other Nordic Tugs!) over in Eagle Harbor at Cypress Island for the night.

Low light on the way to Cypress Island:


Friday night on Mount Baker:


Dan and Eileen (Nordic Tug 32 "Fortunate"), Sam (NT 37 "Safe Harbour), and Kevin and I all hung out on Sam's boat for the evening (it's the biggest) and had a great time catching up. Dan and Eileen went to Alaska this past summer in the second Waggoner flotilla, led by Sam. Dan cooked dinner for everyone (a delicious curry), and in the morning I made some breakfast tacos and we had coffee and more laughs on our boat before we all took off around noon. 

Dan and Eileen heading for Jones Island:


We decided to cruise over to Matia Island (where there were previously two mooring buoys, but now there's only one…same at Patos Island the last time we were there….what's happening to these mooring buoys??). Here's our previous post about Matia, before we left for Alaska.


We dinghied to shore and did a nice hike around the island while we still had daylight.





And there we are again!


Back at Airship, Kevin worked on a little revamp of the entertainment system (that now includes our Xbox One from home), while I cooked up some pad thai noodles for dinner. 

Check out this morning's sunrise sky:


Today we'll probably do a bit more hiking before leaving Matia Island (after perhaps a little Xbox and some work). We're going back to Anacortes for the night, because tomorrow morning we're visiting the Nordic Tug factory to look at a couple of new models — the 40 and the 44, but we'll probably take the long way home. 

Happy Sunday!

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  1. Kevin McLaughlin Kevin McLaughlin

    Another great day on the water! Is that Cattle Pass in the distance against the Olympics in the second photo? The moon is stupendous these recent days and I will love having it full for the weekend at Penn Cove. Cheers!

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