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Two Nights in Prince Rupert, BC

Airship Goes to Alaska

We spent two nights in Prince Rupert because (1) see previous post and (2) we needed to do laundry and stock up on some produce (and wine). 

Atlin Terminal and public market in Cow Bay:


There are some great murals around town! I think both of these are by an artist named Jeff King, but I need to do some research to learn more (slow internet does not make for well-researched blog posts):


This mural is in progress around the corner from Sea-Sport Outboard and Marine. Under that tarp is a really great (huge) snarling bear head:


Yesterday we worked a bunch in the morning, then dropped our laundry off at the King Coin Laundromat in town at around 1pm. (Yes, I know! I said "dropped our laundry off! Crazy!!). After that, we returned the unneeded replacement macerator pump (Kevin did this while I shopped a little bit at the clothing shop next door…bought three very cute items!), then we went to Safeway and the BC Liquor Store to reprovision. We had some less-than-awesome Safeway sushi for lunch, unpacked groceries, and hung out and worked for a bit in the afternoon.

Then later (before picking up our clean, folded laundry that someone else did for us!) we went to the Cow Bay Cafe for dinner. It was fantastic! 


It's just a quick walk up from the Prince Rupert Rowing & Yacht Club (where we're staying), and the food was fabulous, fresh, and creative. We ordered all specials…nothing from the fixed menu. We started with some prawns wrapped with sockeye and a rainbow beet salad with goat cheese, and ordered the two entree specials: tenderloin with wild mushroom risotto and vegetables (amazing, cooked perfectly) and a pappardelle with seafood (prawns, mussels, clams, sockeye). Great meal! 

After dinner we hoofed it back a mile or so up town to King Coin to pick up our clean and folded laundry that someone else did for us. Did I mention we didn't do our own laundry today? It's so awesome having someone else do your laundry on a trip like this…I had no idea how great it would be. The sign on the front door of King Coin says something like "Do all your laundry in 4 minutes. 2 minutes to drop it off and 2 minutes to pick it up." It's going to be tough to ever do our own laundry again. Everything was clean and folded and smelled nice and all we had to do was carry it a mile up town and a mile back.


We'll be heading for Lowe Inlet next…about 58 miles from Prince Rupert (a lot of that taken up by the long, narrow, kinda boring Grenville Channel). I think Grenville Channel is the one they lovingly refer to as "The Ditch."