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Foggy Bay (AK) to Prince Rupert (BC)

Airship Goes to Alaska

Early morning in Foggy Bay, AK:


We got up early yesterday morning (even though we stayed up pretty late the night before watching the Northern Lights) and decided to get this whole Dixon Entrance thing behind us. It was super calm for most of our cruise to Prince Rupert. Leaving Foggy Bay:


Calm, calm, calm…


…until we got out toward Green Island, where we had some pretty choppy 3-4 foot wind waves on the beam (likely due to an offshore wind and our proximity to Portland Canal). 

Green Island Lighthouse:


The waves were not that big a deal (we tacked a few times just to have them less on our beam), but the bigger deal was that during one of the beamiest waves, my camera (the Nikon D7100 with the 18-300mm lens on it) fell from the pilothouse counter down to the stateroom (kinda far). It turned on and seemed okay, but when I went to use it later, it was not okay. Autofocus doesn't work, and using manual focus works if you follow the little dot in the lower left corner that tells you when your subject is in focus, because through the viewfinder…it never actually looks focused (and yes, I messed with the little diopter thingy). So we have some issues there. I can use the "live view" mode and frame a shot on the LCD on the back of the camera, and the autofocus works in that mode, so I guess that's what I'll do until we get home and to the camera shop. Dangit dangit dangit. 

When we were about two hours from Prince Rupert, we called CanPass and cleared customs by telephone. (This was smooth worked as it should, unlike that other slightly annoying but comedic time in Bedwell Harbor).  

Here's our route from Foggy Bay, AK to Prince Rupert, BC (about 52 nautical miles):

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 9.25.34 PM

Here's a further zoomed out version on the chart so you can get a feel for the area we were crossing:

Screen Shot 2015-09-05 at 12.04.24 PM



  1. Sam Landsman Sam Landsman

    FYI Pruth Bay now limits internet to 100mb per device.

  2. Steve Price Steve Price

    Hi Laura, The big yacht “Serengeti” that was with you in Lowe is Johnny Carson’s old boat. Its a 130′ Westport. So you guys were hanging on the hook with a Celebrity! On our trip to Alaska this June we saw it in Sitka. We had hoped to catch up with you in June but never saw you. However we came back down from Cordova in August and we were both in Petersburg at the same time and we didn’t know “Airship” was there. 🙁 We had lots of wine to get rid of!! Could of used some help. See ya around the Puget Sound. You guys have had a great trip. Love your posts.

    Steve Price

    M/V Inside Passage

    • Hi Steve,
      I’m pretty sure we saw Inside Passage…maybe in Petersburg. Dangit! Oh well, next time! And yes, I’m sure we’ll catch up with you in Puget Sound.
      Glad you like the posts…we HAVE had a great trip! 🙂

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