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Hobart Bay to Petersburg

Airship Goes to Alaska

Yesterday morning in Hobart Bay was calm and beautiful and we got up and got an early start on our way to Petersburg. Looking out of our little cove on Entrance Island:


Back toward the cove and the public dock:


Stephens Passage was calm…oh yeah, this reminds me…while we were in Snettisham (and also last night in Hobart Bay) we had no VHF weather channel reception. So…we have this cool inReach satellite device with unlimited text messages, so we texted our daughter in NY, sent her a link to the NOAA Alaska inside waters weather forecast, and asked if she would text us the updates in the morning for Stephens Passage so we knew what to look forward to (or what to avoid). It was fabulous and we owe her a big thank you for being the NY/AK inside waters weather exchange. (I've also used the inReach/DeLorme satellite device to ask her to look up recipes for me too…she's amazing. If you need this service, she might be for hire!)

Five Finger lighthouse:


A little bit of fog ahead:


It turned out to be another gorgeous day (even with an hour or so in fairly thick fog…whatever, we've got radar and AIS and we know how to use 'em):



Devil's Thumb in the distance:






Arriving in Petersburg:



We're in the North Harbor again (we were here mid-June on our way north). The first time we were in Petersburg though, it was a Sunday and it was fairly early in the season so most of the shops were closed and there was not much going on at all. But today the weather is spectacular and the town feels much more vibrant than it did on our previous visit. 

We wandered around town and down to the Sons of Norway Hall for some touristy photos (in Chamber of Commerce light, I might add):


Bojer Wikan Fisherman's Memorial Park:


I'm pretty sure this is Bojer Wikam (a local fisherman):



Hammer's Slough:


I really like this shot…little Viking ship adornment on top of a pole in the parking lot with Sons of Norway Hall and its viking ship in the background:


We walked around a bit and went in a few shops, then reprovisioned at the IGA before heading back to Airship to make dinner. Next, we'll head down Wrangell Narrows and over to Wrangell for a day or two. 

Here's our track (about 48 nautical miles) from our cove on Entrance Island in Hobart Bay to Petersburg on Mitkof Island:

Screen Shot 2015-08-25 at 9.13.13 PM